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A quick update for the Tola Community Relief Effort donors and volunteers

Hurricane Nate Community Relief Effort

Thank you friends for all your amazingly generous donations for relief and aid to the thousands of families in Tola after the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Nate. 

One of the critical areas of action was the livelihood of hundreds of agricultural families that rely on subsistence farming. The flood destroyed all crops from 2017 and 2018, which means that they have now lost all sources of food for this year and next year. By moving quickly, we were able to make use of the last two weeks of the planting season, and distributed 3 thousand pounds of bean seeds along with 9 thousand pounds of fertilizer. This will allow these families to plant approximately 21 hectares / 51 acres of land. Additionally, we have also distributed seeds to plant 7 hectares / 17 acres worth of vegetables and fruits (watermelon, squash and tomatoes).

Below, there is a list of the communities benefited from this program:

  • Las Cañas
  • La Uva
  • La Novia
  • Barrio Nuevo
  • El Lajal
  • El Remate
  • Sánchez
  • El Zapote
  • Las Delicias
  • Berlín

The affected communities are still struggling to have stable access to food, clean water and basic necessities. Effective community efforts will be needed to make our best attempt at a thoughtful approach to the destruction and displaced communities here in Tola. The Tropical Storm Nate relief effort has really been a community work involving individual contributors, volunteers, businesses and organizations who have engaged in this endeavor. Special thanks to community liaisons, Rancho Santana, FIMRC, Magnific Rock, Techo para mi País, Hacienda Iguana Community, and others.

A note on donations: we want 100% of your donation to go toward our effort, and so we are asking that if you will continue to make donations or spread the word to family and friends, that you do so through our "Donate Now" page on www.funlimon.org to make sure that your dollars will go 100% to aid these communities. Other donation platforms take up to 7% of donations in administrative fees, whereas at FunLimon the entirety of your donation goes directly to the community. (You can donate online or mail checks directly to The Mark and Kathryn Ford Family Foundation, 235 NE 4th Avenue Suite 101, Delray Beach, FL, 33483.)

Thank you from all of us.