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Courses begin at the FunLimon Vocational Center


FunLimon Vocational Center Supports Community Development

We are 3 months into our INATEC Residential Electricity and Residential Plumbing courses here at FunLimon and we are excited to begin the practica, or hands-on portion of the curriculum.  Our goal is to combine learning and service to the community.  In the town of Limon #1 and surrounding areas, many families live with no indoor plumbing and dangerous electrical connections that can pose serious health risks to families.  In moving our classroom to the community, we will simultaneously provide a "real-life" work space for our students while providing needed home improvements to families at very low cost.

In the next weeks, we will begin to register local families into our Vocational Center Community Development Initiative. Our electricity and plumbing students will then conduct preliminary evaluations in the homes of selected families.  The families will commit to purchasing all needed supplies, and our students will commit to completing the project free of charge under the supervision of our INATEC professors.