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Pandemic in paradise.



Dear Readers,

There's a pandemic in paradise...

Yes, even our small community at FunLimón is facing the same hardships today as you are.

And like the rest of the world, we're hoping for a swift resolution.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected. And we hope that you are taking all the necessary precautions to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

We usually provide you with a monthly newsletter that focuses on activities at FunLimón.

But this month, we're doing something different...

Instead, with classes closed and our staff in isolation, we'd like to tell you about the preventative measures we've taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our staff, our students, and our community.

Here's what we did in early March to make sure FunLimón and our community was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Prior to the quarantine, our teachers led hand washing sessions with our students. The sessions were repeated in between classes. (Hand soap and sanitizer gel were made available in every classroom and office area).
  2. In collaboration with the Roberto Clemente Clinic, we hosted a workshop attended by our entire staff explaining details about the virus and how to implement the most effective preventive measures. A copy of the presentation and an informative brochure were distributed to our staff, students, athletes and the local community. 
  3. We also distributed informative brochures and copies of the presentation to all educators so they could review the content with their classes.

Once the first case was reported in Managua (our capital) on March 19th, we canceled all classes until further notice.

We've asked all of our educators and administrative staff to work from home. And we are developing assignments to be sent out to parents to use as resources for homeschooling.

While our security and maintenance staff are still working full-time, they have been instructed on proper social distancing. As an additional protective measure, we are not allowing outside visitors on our premises until the current crisis ends.

We will keep you updated on developments here at FunLimón and in Nicaragua - and will keep you informed of steps that you can take to help.

As a community and as a country, we're confident that we will get through this together.

Thank you from all of us.




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