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Feria Universitaria - College Fair

Este año, representantes de universidades en Rivas, Jinotepe, Masaya y Managua viajaron a FunLimon para aconsejar bachilleres sobre la oferta académica, becas y el proceso de matriculación de cada uno.

Feria Comercial Turistica - Tourism Fair

Estas invitado a la Feria Comercial Turística aquí en FunLimon el día 28 de Enero.

Adult Sports

Why we do it:
Through participation in sports, men, women and children cultivate important friendships, boost their self-confidence and gain leadership skills.  When we considered sports as a tool for education, what became most apparent to us was their innate power to promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage a strong work ethic, and foster teamwork and sportsmanship.  Specifically in the case of women and girls, sports offer a unique opportunity for individual empowerment and social progress.         

Key Issues:
1) Many adults in the area, especially women, do not get any time during the week to indulge in productive, stress-relieving leisure activities.

2) Sports equipment is very expensive and does not fit into the family budget.

3) There are very few sports facilities in the area that are suitable for safe and regular play.

4) Many women in this rural region do not have the opportunity to participate in sports activities because it is culturally and traditionally a past time reserved for men only.  Only recently have different athletic opportunities opened for women.  Although these opportunities have arisen, many husbands and fathers still prohibit their wives and daughters from participating.

Our Solution:
Our adult athletics program encourages healthy competition and recreation. We support male and female adult athletes with sports equipment, coaching and athletic facilities.  FunLimón provides a home field for the Limón men's baseball and soccer teams and the Limón women’s softball and soccer teams. We also offer personal training services, jiu jitsu trainings and zumba classes to anyone interested in participating.

All FunLimón adult athletes are given the opportunity to sign out sports equipment, including baseball bats, baseballs, soccer balls, practice cones, etc.  We believe that our lending system is preferable to constant team donations because it does not create sentiments of entitlement and holds individuals responsible for the proper care and timely return of each item borrowed.

Our current adult sports programming includes:

• Women’s softball

• Men’s baseball

• Men and Women’s Soccer

• Men and Women’s Jiu Jitsu

• Personal Training

• Women’s walking group