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Feria Universitaria - College Fair

Este año, representantes de universidades en Rivas, Jinotepe, Masaya y Managua viajaron a FunLimon para aconsejar bachilleres sobre la oferta acadÚmica, becas y el proceso de matriculación de cada uno.

Feria Comercial Turistica - Tourism Fair

Estas invitado a la Feria Comercial Turística aquí en FunLimon el día 28 de Enero.

Adult Education

Why we do it:
We believe very strongly in education, because it gives people the tools and the capacity to be the agents of positive change within their families and in their community. By providing opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge and broaden their skills, we enable them to get higher-paying, more meaningful work and improve their standard of living. To that end, we have 5 main initiatives: youth education, adult education, supporting local primary schools, vocational education, and our university program. 

Key Issues:
1) Today’s Nicaraguan adults grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, a time of revolution and political unrest in their country. For them, public education was non-existent.

2) Even after the public school system was re-established, many could not afford the uniforms and school supplies required to attend class.

3) There are very few opportunities for adults in the area to learn how to read and write and/or to advance in their primary and secondary education.

Our Solution: 
Now, to give Nicaraguan adults in the region a second chance, we offer these three programs: 1) Literacy, 2) Primary Education and 3) Secondary Education.

Our Literacy Program
We began offering a course in Literacy in February of 2013, and it has been enormously successful.  

Most of our students had never written anything before this.  For them, even holding a pen or a pencil felt uncomfortable and unnatural. After four months of hard work, they all had basic reading and writing skills. At the program’s graduation ceremony, they read short essays describing how their newfound ability to express themselves would impact their lives.  

To date, we are proud to have 28 Literacy graduates from the communities of Limón Uno, Limón Dos, Ojochal and Cuascoto.  We are even prouder that 26 of the 28 have continued on to our Primary Education program. 

Our Primary Education Program
Our Primary Education Program has 2 levels.  Currently, 24 students are enrolled in Level 1 (grades 1-3) and 8 are enrolled in Level 2 (grades 4-6). Eight students have graduated and have gone on to study secondary education. 

Our Secondary Education Program
We began our Secondary Education Program in March 2013.   After completing 2 years of the 4-year program, students are eligible to enroll in one of our INATEC (Instituto Nacional Tecnológico) accredited vocational programs.  If students complete all 4 years of the program, they receive a high school diploma that is officially recognized by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education.  With their high-school education completed, graduates become eligible for FunLimón university scholarships and the chance to start meaningful careers. 

Our Adult Computer Course
Adults master computer basics, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and internet navigation through our 60-hour course.  Students gain valuable skills that make them more competitive when applying for jobs and allow them new opportunities.

Our Adult English Language Course
Although reading and writing are heavily emphasized in our 60-hour English Language curriculum, the main goal is for students to achieve conversational fluency.  Proficiency in English gives our graduates endless opportunities in Nicaragua’s growing tourism industry.