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Feria Universitaria - College Fair

Este año, representantes de universidades en Rivas, Jinotepe, Masaya y Managua viajaron a FunLimon para aconsejar bachilleres sobre la oferta académica, becas y el proceso de matriculación de cada uno.

Feria Comercial Turistica - Tourism Fair

Estas invitado a la Feria Comercial Turística aquí en FunLimon el día 28 de Enero.

University Scholarship Program

Why we do it:
By offering university scholarships, we create opportunities in higher education for many young adults each year.  Once graduated, these young professionals will have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their selected career path and to affect positive change in their community.

Key Issues:
1) The closest accredited university center is in Rivas, a two-hour bus trip away.  Many prospective students do not have close access to higher-education opportunities.

2) Most graduating high school seniors do not get the opportunity to continue on to higher-education because of the many costs involved.  These expenses include, but are not limited to: university tuition, weekly travel, books and other supplies.  Likewise, the opportunity cost involved in full-time study inhibits students from contributing to the combined family income.

Our Solution:
Since 2009, we have been providing scholarships for promising students.

Our selection process is rigorous.  We award each scholarship based upon the student’s high school GPA, a personal statement of purpose, and a community service project proposal.  We then require our scholarship students to maintain an 80% grade-point average and to complete 150 hours of community service hours per school year.               

We currently have 33 scholarship students. They are earning degrees in nursing, marketing, civil engineering, industrial engineering, systems engineering, medicine, biology, pedagogy, accounting, public finance, hotel administration and other professions.

We are proud to say that are graduates are not only earning good, stable incomes, they are using their skills to give back to the community.  

Some of our Graduates:


Jessica Corrales earned her degree in Tourism and Hotel Administration. She is working as an accounting assistant at Rancho Santana.

Edgar Velasquez earned his degree in Systems Engineering. He is working as a communications specialist at IBW.

Carlos Palacios earned his degree in General Contracting. He is working in construction at Rancho Santana.

Melvin Lopez eared his degree in Nursing.  He currently works at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in the Limón 1 community.

Lexamara Lopez earned her degree in Business Administration

Maricela Amador graduated with a degree in Accounting and Public Finance.  She recently started her own consultant business with some former classmates.

Some of our Current Scholarship Recipients:

Katy Emelina Silva Duarte studies Systems Engineering.  For her community service project, Katy gave computer classes to 5th graders in the Las Salinas primary school twice a week for 3 months.  Students learned computer basics, Word, and Excel.

Mingrelia Baltodano is a nursing student in Masaya.  For her community service project, Mingrelia gave several sex ed. workshops to 10-12 year olds in the community of Limón 2.  She covered 1) methods of contraception and 2) causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of STDs

Leynnis Zapata is a third-year nursing student.  For her community service project, Leynnis gave several workshops to adults on non-communicable diseases (diabetes, gastritis, hypertension, etc.) in Las Salinas, Limón 1 and Limón 2.

Maribel Acevedo studies Accounting and Public Finance. For her community service project, Maribel worked one-on-one with 4 small store-owners from her town, San Ignacio.  She taught them how to create budgets and keep inventory for their businesses.  She also helped them to choose and promote products to increase their profits.

Yeverson Javier Acevedo is a Systems Engineering student and gives computer classes to 6th grade students from Las Salinas.  Students learned computer basics and Microsoft Office.

Rene Mario Castillo is studying Industrial Engineering.  For his community service project, Rene will present to current high-school seniors about the details of the career path and what opportunities the university degree allows.

Daniela Quijano is in her second year of Engineering and Design.  For her community service project, Daniela will present to current high school seniors about her chosen career path and the opportunities her university degree will allow her in the future.

Carla Membreño is in her third year of study towards a degree in Marketing and Publicity.  For her community service project, Carla gives youth computer lessons here at FunLimón.

Mayerling Corrales is in her third year of Tourism and Hotel Administration.  For her community service project, Mayerling will give a workshop on customer service to a group of local resort employees.

Diter Harlold Acevedo is in his first year of studies as an English student.  For his community service project, Diter gives beginner English classes to a group of primary students in the El Remate community.

Zahori Lucero Acevedo is in her first year of studies towards a degree in English.