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Feria Universitaria - College Fair

Este año, representantes de universidades en Rivas, Jinotepe, Masaya y Managua viajaron a FunLimon para aconsejar bachilleres sobre la oferta académica, becas y el proceso de matriculación de cada uno.

Feria Comercial Turistica - Tourism Fair

Estas invitado a la Feria Comercial Turística aquí en FunLimon el día 28 de Enero.

Supporting the Local Schools

Why we do it:
Studies show that a child’s earliest years of development are the most crucial.  Since individuals are most receptive to new information as young children, a positive elementary education experience becomes essential to their future success.  We are dedicated to making sure that all children have the materials, nutrients, support and stimulation they need to develop mentally, physically and emotionally during this critical period of their lives.

Key Issue:
For some children, the one meal a day that they receive in school is usually their largest.  This meal is usually comprised of a small portion of rice and beans.  Children often go without food toward the end of the month when the school supplies run low.  Students are not able to learn, develop and grow properly if they do not receive the nourishment they need.

Our Solution:
In the past, we have donated white boards, desks, chairs, and various teaching materials to the local primary schools.  But for some children, food is a more pressing need. Their biggest meal of the day is the lunch they get at school – a meal that typically consists of nothing but rice and beans.  Now our donations are in the form of food. We provide chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables to supplement their basic rice and beans.

This past year, more than 400 students have benefitted from this program.