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Nicaragua may be facing a longer than expected quarantine.

Dear Reader, People around the world are emerging from lockdown. But Nicaragua may be facing a longer than expected quarantine. Still... We'd like you to know that....
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Pandemic in paradise.

Dear Readers, There's a pandemic in paradise... Yes, even our small community at FunLimón is facing the same hardships today as you are. And like the rest....
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Is solar power realistic? Read this and let me know.

Several months ago FunLimón mounted solar panels on top of the roof that covers the basketball court. I was surprised to learn that the square footage of that....
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Students making waves at FunLimon
At FunLimon, we believe in rewarding and celebrating academic and personal achievements. Recently, our friends at Rancho Santana invited us to select 14 stand-out students from....
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Can you guess how many psychologists work in all of Tola?
Most people who travel here don't realize that Nicaragua is quietly facing a public health crisis. The municipality of Tola, for example, has only two licensed Psychologists to....
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Real life Iron Man at FunLimon
FunLimon has recently partnered with the OM Foundation and Los Pipitos to set up a program offering physiotherapy and other treatment to help local children with all types....
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